How 3D Printing will Change Manufacturing

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The use of 3D printing has the potential to revolutionize society in a way that no technology has done since the internet. While gadgets like cellular phones and tablets make life easier, 3D printing could change our lives completely.

In the near future stores will not have to carry inventory, but will be able to simply print whatever a customer wants. Manufacturing as we know it today will disappear for most consumer products and only large machines will still be produced in factories. Even building homes will soon Read more…

What is the Future of Computing?

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It is crazy to think that, just a few decades ago, it was not in many people’s wildest dreams that we would live in a society where computers would be a part of everyday life. However, the fact remains that most people own at least one computer and use it on a regular basis these days. Not to mention, portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops have made it easier than ever for people to take their computing with them on Read more…

Which Streaming Video Service is Best

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There are many great streaming video services found online. Paid and free streaming video services are also available. YouTube is a great way to watch content online for free. There are millions of great videos on YouTube. Content creators can make money on YouTube by getting a cut of the advertising revenue that YouTube makes on certain videos.

Netflix Instant Watch is a video streaming service that charges you a monthly fee. Paying for Netflix is cheaper than subscribing to cable services. Read more…

What Jupiter Means for the Future of Satellite Internet

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Customers of Hughesnet and all the various technology enthusiasts in general have probably all heard about the Jupiter. There’s more here regarding Hughesnet for the uninitiated, but for those of you just joining us you might be wondering just what the Jupiter is. In short – the Jupiter is a new satellite being launched by Hughesnet later this year.

Some of you might be wondering what the big deal is about a satellite internet company launching a satellite – the truth is that the Jupiter could very well put Hughesnet at the top of the game.

In the past, Hughesnet brought service to customers through a somewhat inefficient array of satellites as well as equipment attached to other commercial vessels. The Jupiter seeks to do away with this inefficient delivery system and ultimately eliminate the middleman.

What this means, for the customer, is a tremendous upgrade in satellite internet service that could reach speeds as high as 20Mbps (that’s megabits per second). A pricing plan has yet to be determined or finalized at this time, but millions of satellite internet customers all over the country are waiting in anticipation.

How fitting that the satellite that could make Hughesnet the internet king is also named after the “King of all Planets.”

Is Streaming Video the Death of Cable

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Will Streaming Video online be the death of Cable. Some say yes and others say no. I believe that it will not. Some people prefer watching TV compare to streaming online. From some who does stream videos often. I’ve come to realize I do prefer to watch them on T.V. For a few reasons. One is an obvious reason that the screen is bigger. Another reason is that a lot of times you can never find newer TV Read more…

Using AutoCAD to Design the Newest Weapons

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Technology has come a long way over the past years. There are many forms of technology invented that do not even seem possible. Everyday technology gets a little further.

One crazy form of technology is 3D televisions. These are one thing that we never thought would be invented. Televisions started out as big boxes with antennas. Several years later they are now flat screen and high definition. These televisions come with special 3D glasses and are a pretty cool thing to own. Read more…

How Global Positional Satellites has Changed the Battlefield

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Standard military operations involve
four major components for effective military objectives; Command,
Control, Communications, and Intelligence. This is also known as C3I.
The more sophisticated the technology, the more efficient those four
components operate and function. Standard radio transmissions have
delays,can easily be jammed or intercepted, and do not provide
real-time data. GPS satellite technology gives the battlefield
commander a real-time and accurate view of the war-zone. GPS locates
all personnel and equipment into an artificial intelligence computer
system, and also allows for extremely rapid decision-making.Check out this link Read more…

New Technologies in Drug Delivery Systems

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Doctors and nurses have long awaited new technologies in drug delivery systems. The original methods of pills or shots have long been known to cause a delay in getting many medications into the bloodstream where they begin to work on whatever the medical condition is.

New technologies have created transdermal patches that can be worn on the skin delivering a steady dose of a medication for up to 3 weeks at a time. This technology has alleviated many Read more…

How Information Technology is Making Hospitals Safer

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Check into any hospital today and they promptly log into a computer and ask for your identification. Yes, even medical fraud is possible. Using your Identification they check to see if you’re a part of the hospital network. If you are a part of the network they have a wealth of your information at their fingertips. This information includes any other times you have been into the hospital, HughesNet Internet in Phoenix, Az, a list of medications you take or have taken in the past and it gives them access to any X-rays you’ve had taken.

Imagine if you were to check into a hospital not knowing you are allergic to a medication that is routinely prescribed. If it wasn’t on your charts and you were given this medication your life could be in jeopardy. With modern information technology hospitals are safer than ever before. They can routinely check your medical records and prescribe the appropriate treatment for you.

Additionally, any tests preformed on you can be immediately sent via computer to a specialist for review. X-rays can be seen many states away by a specialist. The specialist can then call your local hospital and advise the appropriate treatment.

Information technology is making hospitals safer today than ever before. The information doesn’t stop now. Keep looking: Watchdog scrutinises specialist service at private hospital